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Sephora Launches Music Collective to Champion and Invest in Diverse Artists for a More Inclusive Creator Community

Sephora Launches Music Collective to Champion and Invest in Diverse Artists for a More Inclusive Creator Community

In August of 2023, Sephora introduced Sephora Sounds – a first ever music collective to support and amplify underrepresented, emerging artists through Sephora’s social platforms. With Sephora Sounds, the prestige beauty retailer seeks to amplify and support diverse voices in the music artist community, and continues to enable creator representation. 

Since its inception earlier this year, Sephora Sounds has welcomed over 80 musical artists, who reflect the authenticity of Sephora’s broader beauty community, with more than half of the signed artists being BIPOC and female. It is a one-of-a-kind music collective, with support from SixtyFour Music, that also financially benefits musical artists of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and more. 

“For Sephora, inclusivity among creators doesn’t just end with beauty. We believe it should exist across all forms and industries, and that begins with giving voices a platform to be heard,” said Brent Mitchell, Vice President of Social Media and Influencers at Sephora. “Within the sound-on world of TikTok and social media today, we’re thrilled to be able to feature and amplify a diverse range of musical artists on our social platforms, showcasing the soundtracks that make up the sounds of Sephora – a sound of strength to empower all creators.”

This unique program incubates new talent and brings in fresh voices, creating a more welcoming and representative musicscape across Sephora’s social channels such as TikTok, Instagram and more. Artists within the Sephora Sounds program will have their proprietary music and soundtracks featured in Sephora’s social content for followers to listen to, engage, and re-use in their own content. Sephora will continue to partner with more artists and add more musical voices into the mix as the program grows.

Sephora Sounds Key Data Points:

  • Over 80% of participating artists said they have never been given a paid brand opportunity like this before.
  • 60% of artists within Sephora Sounds said other musical artists in their circle have never been approached by brands before.
  • Content leveraging Sephora Sounds’ artists and their music increased Sephora’s TikTok views by over 100% and outperformed average engagement benchmarks by over +300%.

“This work joining forces with Sephora to highlight underrepresented talent in music has been a labor of love for us at SixtyFour. I’ve dealt with the struggle of working in the music industry as a POC woman. Now, as the head of music strategy at SixtyFour, an organization dedicated to authenticity, passion, and innovation in all we do, I am honored to be able to assist in this mission with an iconic brand like Sephora,” said Tamara Credle, Head of Music Strategy at SixtyFour Music. Working with Sephora’s internal team to build a music strategy and hone in on a sound that reflects their brand has been an incredible experience for SixtyFour. The recording and entertainment industries are extremely complicated; we love that Sephora wants to provide real opportunities for artists to make a living off of their creativity. Not only are we able to introduce audiences to music they might not have discovered on their own, but we’re also able to help to expand the platforms of the artists on Sephora’s brand-new Sounds influencer roster.”

Sephora Sounds Artist Roster: 

*Sephora Sounds is a Sephora U.S. initiative.