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Sephora Takes 15 Percent Pledge FAQ

Sephora Takes 15 Percent Pledge FAQ

When does Sephora hope to meet this goal? How long will it be before 15% of products are actually from Black-owned brands?
We are committed to doing this the right way and ensuring that we successfully meet and exceed this Pledge, keeping in mind long-term sustainable progress. As we shared on social, beyond the steps we have outlined we have more work to do before we can set a date for when we aim to meet this goal. However, the work has already started.

What percent of Sephora products are currently Black-owned brands? 
While we are still assessing and verifying our Black-owned and founded brands across our entire prestige portfolio as laid out in Step 1, today, we offer 7 Black-owned brands, including Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, Briogeo, Adwoa Beauty, GOLDE, KNC Beauty and SHANI DARDEN SKIN CARE. This is only the start – we know with over 290 brands we can and will be doing more.  And we encourage other businesses to commit to the 15% Pledge.

When will Sephora release findings from the “audit” phase? Is Sephora going to share what percent of shelf space is currently dedicated to Black-owned brands? 
We are proud to commit to the 15% Pledge [today], but we are still in the early planning phases of this work. We have more to do before we can set a date for when we aim to meet this goal, but, as we move forward, we will be transparent with our community about our findings and our plans. 

How many POC-owned brands does Sephora carry? 
Currently, we are proud to offer 36 POC-owned prestige brands, which includes 9 Black-owned brands. However, with over 290 brands we know we can do better, and this is why we have committed to the 15% Pledge. This is only the beginning. 

What percentage of Sephora’s sales come from Black-owned brands? 
As a company, it is our policy not to share sales data.  

How much of Sephora’s profits/revenue comes from Black/POC customers? 
As a company, it is our policy not to share sales data. 
How is the Accelerate program changing? What did it do before? 
Since its inception five years ago, our Accelerate program has been dedicated to building up a community of female founders in beauty, with the goal of helping them develop critical skills for long-term success in the beauty industry, including funding, coaching, distribution and more.  We are proud to share we hit our goal of supporting 50 founders by 2020 around the globe.  As part of our commitment to being a change-maker,  we will shift next year’s program focus specifically to Black owners and founders as part of Sephora’s 15% Pledge.